Wednesday, 15 January 2014


Firstly, for anyone that has had to go through the heart ache of losing a friend or family member to a shark attack, my sympathies and condolences go out to you. They also go out to those that have lost people on the roads in motorcycle accidents this past year in Australia, all 220 of them and just as much to those that lost loved ones to drownings in Australian waterways of which there was a whopping 291.
When all things are considered, I can't fully understand why the Western Australian premier Colin Barnett has decided to get so hard line on an issue that took 5 lives last year.  Comparatively speaking it would seem he has bigger fish to fry on the roads in regards to crotch rockets, of which I'm a huge fan of by the way. Also, perhaps he should invest more money enforcing a mandatory wearing of floaties rather than  indiscriminately slaughtering our sea life with baited hooks.  Surely as sane an idea as just killing everything to make sure you get the one you want. I'm  curious as to how he plans to ensure that only sharks above 3m are killed when all previous indicators show that more by-catch (dolphins, turtles, whales, rays etc.) are caught than the intended target.  Your plan is flawed sir and must be reconsidered and that's just in regard to the dubious rationality of the scheme, let's not forget the ecological, ethical and emotional toll on the sharks themselves, the by-catch and the people of this planet that love and respect them. Shark week on discovery channel is the highest rating programing on the whole planet with more than 21 million viewers each year.  Perhaps Colin would like to explain to this mob why he's going to kill their favorite animal because make no mistake about it, they are watching this country right now and shaking their heads in disgust.       The ocean is a wild place that we don't yet fully understand and for a person who admitted that he isn't an expert in the field to presume that he should play such a detrimental role in upsetting its delicate balance blows my mind. I can't fathom the self importance that must be at play with a person who wants to "take a hard line" in something he knows little about. 
Study and history has shown that removing an apex predator from an Eco system will systematically affect the whole balance, perhaps creating an over or under abundance of other life lower down the food chain, further disrupting the food chains below them and guess where all this disrupting ripple effect leads to.  Us!  Less sharks to eat the large predators who in turn eat the bait fish resulting in an over abundance of large predators and an under abundance of food to supply the growing population. Then throw in humans raping the oceans with overfishing and we're left with licking the algae off rocks because let's face it, that's all that's going to be left. 
This is a larger issue than just one pot plants hair brained scheme to swaddle every one in bubble wrap, but when said 'pot plant refuses to listen to scientists, his constituents, documented history, world wide laws of protection and good old fashion common sense then a target must be drawn up and the people have to stand up together to quite literally scream bloody murder. 
In Australia murderers are sentenced to 15 years to life and there are over a thousand currently serving time. These are human beings who have chosen with their free will to kill another person and yet we don't execute them. Colin Barnett does however want to slaughter animals en-masse because very occasionally we become an unsuspecting and probably mistaken target.  Perhaps if we weren't taking all of the great whites natural prey from the ocean we wouldn't ned to be as concerned. 
The ocean is not our back yard swimming pool and we shouldn't expect it to be one. It's a wondrous, beautiful, dangerous place that provides our planet with all life. It and it's inhabitants need protection from those that would do it harm.

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